About D.J. Sir
D.J. SIR CLASSES as an organization is always open to collect the feedback from it's students and consistently reciprocates on the same thereby surpassing it's own high benchmark in quality academic delivery. D.J. SIR CLASSES has purely student centric approach. Students are given complete space to express their thoughts for providing better academic delivery, well coordinated systems, processes and thus overall evolving a powerful education centric system.

D.J. SIR CLASSES is blessed with students from across the length and width of the state. Students from different ethnic, cultural and, religious background flock together at D.J. SIR CLASSES. it represents a mini rajasthan symbolizingunity in diversity. D.J. Sir Classes is envisaged as temple of learning establishing the ideal of knowledge, brotherhood, patriotism and value based human-relations.


 D.j. Group shall never compromise on the Students' Benefits. 
 D.j. Group shall always remain Honest, Fair & Transparent in all our systems and dealings.
 D.j. Group shall always work towards making Student Community more aware and informed.
 D.j. Group shall attract the Best Talent in our organization.
 D.j. Group shall provide our team with a Learning, Challenging & Open working environment.

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Ramswroop Meena (ALP)
Mahaveer Meena (PGCIL, Patna)
Rajkumar Mehta (ITI)
Mukesh Suman (RSEB)
Siyanand Gujar (DMRC)
Mamraj Malav (DMRC)
RajKumar (DMRC)
Hariom meena (RSEB)
Deepak Kumar (ITI)
Narendra Gurjar (ITI)
Rakesh (ITI)
Mukesh Suman (R.S.E.B)
Suryakant (RSEB)
Narendra Gocher (RSEB)
Jitendra Nagar (RSEB)
Sanjay Sharma (RSEB)
Rahat Khan (RSEB)
Lokesh Mahaver (RSEB)
Mahendra Malav (RSEB)
Surya Prakash Khatana (RSEB)
Radhey shyam (RSEB)
Sunil Bairwa (RSEB)
Surya Prakash (RSEB)
Mukesh Suman (RSEB)
Bhanu Pratab Shaktawat (RSEB)
Raghuveer (RSEB)
Sone Malav (RSEB)
Kanhiya Lal Kushwah (RSEB)
Ravi Kumar (RVUNL)
Mahaveer Prasad Meena (RSEB)
Sachin Pareta (RSEB)
Jitendra Malav (RSEB)
Ummed Shakeywal (RSEB)
Dhanraj Suman (RSEB)
Sanjay Kumar (RSEB)
Mukesh Malav (RSEB)
Manoj Malav (RSEB)
Nitin Bhargav (RSEB)
Pankaj Pradhan (RSEB)
Harish Suman (RSEB)
Vinit Goucher (RSEB)
Chandra Mohan Mehta (RSEB)
Abhishek (RSEB)
Dinesh Nagar (RSEB)
Antim Nagar (RSEB)
Mukesh Kumar v
Sawan Anand (RSEB)
Yashpal Shakywal (RSEB)
Dhanraj Pareta (RSEB)
Rupesh Jain (RSEB)
Sonu Ansari (RSEB)
Jagmohan dhabhai (RSEB)
Satyanarayan Suman
Balram Jangid (RSEB)
Kirti Raj Tank (RSEB)